Dusk / Félhomály 

Short film
21’ Hungary

“An ominous documentary viewing a global theme from the perspective of a small Hungarian community. A “landguard” and his son go on patrol in the border area near Serbia, where an invisible danger looms.”

Director: Bálint Bíró
Cinematography: Ezequiel Salinas
Produced by: Bálin Bíró, Ezequiel Salinas
Editing: Mariannas Rudas
Sound: Bálint Bíró 
Sound design: Federico Dissandro


IDFA 2020
Sarajevo Film Festival 2021
CamerImage Film Festival 2021
Astra Film Festival 2021
FipaDoc, Biarritz 2020
Silver Eye Award Nomine, Jihlava Film Festival 2021
Febio Film Festival 2022
Go Short International Film Festival 2021
Zsigmond Vilmos Film Festival 2022 - Festival Prize winner
BIDF 2021 - Award for Best Short Film


Bálint Bíró